The Watch Goat – A Frat Hazing Story That’s Worth Watching

The Watch Goat

The Watch Goat

Blog — The Watch Goat is an incredibly well made and acted movie with a revolting story that slaps you right in the face and belly. It’s unsettling, at times utterly repulsive, but it’s fascinating and honest in its meaning.

A Frat Hazing Story That’s Worth Watching

The Watch Goat, based on a memoir by Brad Land, a former Greek Life officer and aspiring writer, stars Ben Schnetzer as a guy who gets into a greek fraternity in an attempt to prove himself and find his place in the world. He goes through a series of violent and humiliating experiences as the fraternity’s pledge week reaches its most hellish.

In the beginning of the film, it feels a bit like a frat boy slapstick comedy, but it soon turns out to be more of a story about the brotherly relationship between two brothers during a time that’s stressful and uncertain. That’s a good thing, and it’s what you should focus on when watching the movie.

The Pasture to Plate Experience: The Watch Goat’s Personalized Customer Service

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