The Myth of the 7 Fallen Angels

The story of the 7 fallen angels has a different origin than the myth about Adam and Eve. This version argues that the humans in the Garden of Eden were not to blame for all of the evil that was wreaked on earth. Rather, it is the fallen angels who are to blame. According to the story, the fallen angels, or Nephilim, took human wives, bred violent giant children, and taught the ancestors of the prophet Enoch the secrets of the family.

How are Fallen Angels and Chungking Express connected?

The seven fallen angels come in various forms. In the bible, one of the seven angels is Satan. The name ‘Satan’ means ‘God’s enemy’. Others may include the demon king Lahash and the archer-like Vepar. The demons known as the 7 fallen angels have different appearances. One demon resembles a horse, while another appears as a lion with a serpent tail. Other fallen angels include Paimon and Semyaza. The former is the chief demon over hell and commands its 30 legions. And finally, the fallen angel Zagan is a man-like demon who possesses the ability to see the future.

According to Greek mythology, giants once roamed the Earth. Their blood was dropped on Earth, creating these monsters. But, the angels did not all fall at once; instead, they were subtly seduced and slipped away. Some of these talented angels wanted to experience life on earth, become gods, and even have their own wives. However, their plan did not work out as expected, and instead, they corrupted the bloodlines of humans.