Is SoftwareKeep a Microsoft Partner?

You might be wondering, is softwarekeep a Microsoft partner? The partnership status signifies a certain level of trust and quality from Microsoft. As such, you can trust such websites, companies, and products when it comes to buying Microsoft software. SoftwareKeep differs from Microsoft’s online storefronts, since it also offers support pages and comparison details of software. Find out:

Is Softwarekeep Worth Your Money?

The Microsoft partnership program has high standards for its partners, and SoftwareKeep has attained them. As such, it is considered an official partner and offers certified solutions. Besides, SoftwareKeep ships software licenses to customers within 24 hours. This means that it is a trusted Microsoft partner and is committed to offering its customers the best price on Microsoft and Windows products.

In fact, SoftwareKeep USA is one of the leading online Microsoft software resellers. It has a long history of customer satisfaction and quality, and a strong relationship with Microsoft. These relationships have helped the company to deliver the best Microsoft products at affordable prices. It is already a strong player in the software sales industry, and it plans to provide even better deals for genuine Microsoft software in the future.

Microsoft’s Gold certification is the highest partnership designation. To earn it, you have to meet a stringent set of requirements and prove that you can provide a superior level of service to Microsoft. To qualify, you must have four Microsoft Certified Technology (MCT) professionals in your firm, three of whom have passed the sales and marketing assessment, and one who has successfully completed the licensing overview evaluation. Microsoft awards the Microsoft Gold status to select firms with a long track record in delivering quality Microsoft-related services.