Most Powerful Countries – Review & Aspects to Remember

There is no surprise that the United States has retained its position in the top spot as the strongest nation worldwide for 2021, as per an annual report by CEOWORLD magazine. The ranking is based on perceptions of strength and power. The report defines that the U.S. as the “most powerful military and economic power on the planet.” America also has significant cultural influence on the world, due to the way the popular culture of America is portrayed in movies, music books, TV shows.

It is possible to say that power is all about the political strength of a nation, whereas others highlight the strength of its defense and military system. But the most powerful nations all over the world, in CEOWorld Magazine 2021 report are those that have the most power. CEOWorld Magazine 2021 report are those that are constantly shaping the economic policies of the world and control the world via seven characteristics: stability in the political system as well as economic influence, a strong defense budgets, the weapons of the nation and alliances with the world soft power, global alliances, and the strength of their military. Agneepath Scheme Apply Procedure

China along with Russia are the third and second most powerful nations. The next on the list is India, France, and Germany. Germany, France and India are next. The United Kingdom is two places behind Germany and is just behind Japan at number 8 and over South Korea at 9. Israel is ranked 10th on the list of most powerful countries around the globe for 2021. The top five countries consist of Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.


The Most Powerful Countries in the World 2022 Data


1 United States 98.09
2 China 94.29
3 Russia 94.11
4 India 93.62
5 France 92.36
6 Germany 92.23
7 Japan 90.62
8 United Kingdom 90.15
9 South Korea 89.07
10 Israel 88.37
11 Saudi Arabia 86.15
12 Italy 85.66
13 Spain 84.29
14 United Arab Emirates 83.98
15 Canada 83.88
16 Switzerland 83.66
17 Australia 82.18
18 Turkey 81.93
19 Sweden 81.55
20 Taiwan 80.63
21 Qatar 80.28
22 Netherlands 79.96
23 Singapore 79.16
24 Iran 79
25 Norway 78.9





To establish the rankings, experts at the CEOWORLD magazine reviewed, collated and compared 190 nations through seven categories of importance including stability in the political system as well as the influence of economics, defence budgets countries’ weapons as well as world alliances and soft power and military power.

To assess the dimensions the researchers examined 60 indicators that were classified into one of the seven categories. A scale has been developed which scores each indicator on a scale from 1 to 100. Each indicator received equally weighting across the 7 categories with a few indicators comprising a number of sub-indicators which were also equally weighted.

The research is based on an exhaustive global survey that was that was conducted between 19 October to 24 December 2020, conducted through the CEOWORLD magazine in collaboration together with Global Business Policy Institute (GBPI) of 196,400 respondents. CEOWORLD magazine put together a panel of experts to review information gathered from sources such as The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), World Economic Forum, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), U.S. News & World Report as well as the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council, and the World Bank.

Then they used that data to determine the most powerful nations. Based on the consensus of those sources, the selection of countries was based on an editorial assessment and based on their place in the rankings. The data are from the most recent time available. Certain territories and countries were not included in official statistics due to a variety of reasons, mostly because of the absence of data. Additionally, territories and countries that had low scores at the beginning were left out of the statistics since the comparison would result in false results.

The margin of error for sampling for the entire sample of 196,400 participants is plus or plus or 1.2 percent. In addition to the sampling error it is important to keep in mind that in every survey there could be other errors due to coverage, non-response, or measurement errors —-that can impact the results.

United States of America retained its top spot as the world’s top leader of power this year too. One of the main factors behind the status of a superpower for the country is its military power. Beyond that, the other factors that play an important role are the an impressive economy and strong leadership. America is a world power. USA is also a major player in the world due to its an enviable cultural influence via famous food chains, which makes it a world leader.

China Additionally known as one of the top nations on earth, China has a strong influence on the world economy. The Asian nation is a global leading country when it comes to exports. This is why the items we come across everyday are marked as “Made in China”. The country has some of the strongest military bases and significant political influence, the country also has good relationships with other countries, which makes it a leading country in every aspect.